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This section of the CME portal is designed to address many of the questions commonly received.  If your question is not addressed or properly answered below, please click here to email or call 248-551-0200.


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Logging In <TOP>

All Users: Click ‘Sign In’ under the Beaumont logo.  If you have previously received CME credit from Beaumont, please enter your email address and password.  If you do not know your password – OR – have never accessed the new CME portal, please click ‘Forgot Your Password’ and enter your email address.  If you have never received CME credit from Beaumont before, click ‘Don’t Have an Account’ and follow the on-screen prompts.

System does not recognize my email: Beaumont users: This system is not connected to other Beaumont systems; therefore, please try to login with either a Beaumont email address (either .edu or .org) or a personal email address.  If you have used the previous Beaumont CME system and the new system does not recognize any of your email addresses entered, click here or call 248-551-0200 for assistance. If you have never received CME credits from Beaumont previously, click ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Don’t Have An Account’ to create an account.

Password isn’t working: The CME portal is not connected to the Beaumont network, so your Beaumont network login and password do not work in the CME portal.  If this is the first time you are accessing the new CME portal, please click ‘Forgot Your Password’ and enter your email address; an email will be delivered with a link to set up your password. 

I’m locked out of the CME portal:  After a certain number of failed attempts to login, your account will be locked.  CME staff can unlock your account for you.  Click here or call 248-551-0200 for assistance.


Updating Your Profile <TOP>

To update your profile, including email address, contact information, etc.:

  • Click ‘Sign In’ (under the Beaumont logo) to log in to the Portal (see above for assistance with logging in).
  • Click on the yellow ‘My CME’ button to the right (button will appear once successfully logged in).
  • Click on ‘Profile

Password: To change your password, click on ‘Sign In’ and then ‘Forgot Your Password’.  Enter your account email where prompted to have a password reset link sent to you.


CME Credits Claim Credits / View Transcript <TOP>

For Regularly Scheduled Meetings (grand rounds, tumor boards, case conferences, etc.) <TOP>

There are currently 3 ways to claim CME credits for attending Beaumont regularly scheduled meetings such as grand rounds, tumor boards, case conferences, journal clubs, etc.

  1. Text messageText the meeting’s assigned unique code to 313-329-7050Click here for a list of CME codes.  Credits claimed using texting will be instantly recorded in your account and immediately available on your CME transcript if successful.  For additional assistance with texting, click here.
  2. iMessage TipsThe Apple iPhone iMessage feature is not compatible with our credit system. Please disable iMessage and send a standard text message to claim credit.
  3. Mobile app – COMING SOON: Download the free CloudCME® mobile app from the App store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).  Organization code is beaumont.   Login with the same email address and password used for the online CME portal.  Use the mobile app to scan the unique QR code provided at the meeting.
  4. Online at  Credits claimed using the online method will be added to records on a monthly basis.


For Courses (one-time events, conferences, symposiums, etc.): <TOP>

There are currently 3 ways to claim CME credits for attending Beaumont courses:

  1. Text Message & OnlineStep 1: Text the CME code provided on the meeting handout to 313-329-7274.  This step tells us you were present at the meeting.  Step 2: complete the evaluation either online in the CME Portal (sign in, click ‘My CME’, and then select ‘Evaluation & Certificate’) or through the mobile app (click ‘My Evaluations’).
  2. Mobile AppDownload the free CloudCME® mobile appfrom the App store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).  Organization code is beaumont.   Login with the same email address and password used for the online CME portal.  Step 1: Scan the unique QR code provided at the meeting (this step tells us you were present at the meeting).  Step 2: complete the evaluation in the ‘My Evaluations’ section of the app.
  3. Sign in – Sign in at the meeting on the provided sign-in sheet.  Beaumont CME will notify you via email when your attendance has been recorded in the CME portal and the CME credit process is available to be completed.


Texting Credits <TOP>

First Time Texting? You must first pair your mobile number to your account. To do so, either text the email address used for your CME portal account to 313-329-7050 or click ‘Sign In’ in the CME Portal, enter your login information, and then click the yellow ‘My CME’ button.  Click ‘Profile’ and add your mobile number where indicated.

Timing: Credits must be texted during the approved window, which is 60 minutes prior to the meeting start time, during the meeting and up to 12 hours after the meeting ends.  For example, if your meeting is from 7 to 8 a.m., you can text your credits any time from 6:00 a.m. to 8:59 p.m.  If you send the text outside of this approved window of time, your credits will not be recorded.

Common Text Messages Received:  <TOP>

User not found in system, text your email to update your cell phone number in the system: This message indicates that the user does not have an existing account, the user has not yet paired their phone to their account, or the email address used to pair the phone is not the email address listed in the individual’s CME portal account.  If you received this message after texting your email address, verify that it was typed correctly and if so, try texting a different email (see also “System Does Not Recognize My Email” in the Logging In section.

Thank you [your name], your phone number has been updated to: [your mobile number]: you can now successfully use text messaging to record credits for Beaumont CME events.  Please text the CME code provided to you at the CME event to officially record your credits.

Thank you [your name], we have recorded your attendance for [activity name]: your meeting attendance has been recorded.

Sorry [your name], your attendance for [activity name] could not be recorded – you can only record 60 minutes prior to, during or 720 minutes after the activity has completed: This message is received if you text the CME code too early or too late.  Texts can only be received by the system during the allowed time period which is 60 minutes before, any time during, and up to 12 hours after the meeting.

Sorry [your name], but this activity requires pre-registration before you can record your attendance for [activity name].  Please ensure that you are registered for this event at This message is received if you are trying to text for a meeting that has a monetary registration fee and you have not pre-registered.  If the activity has a registration fee, you must be pre-registered in order to text your credits.  If you register on-site for a meeting, you will not be able to complete the CME process until your registration has been entered into the CME system.

Sorry, that activity ID does not exist: This message is received if an incorrect CME code is entered. Contact CME for assistance.

[entered code] is not an activity id or activity code for an activity in the CloudCME system.  Please find the activity id or code for the activity you are trying to register for and try again using only the id or code: This message is received if additional text is included with the code.  For example, if the activity code is 803, but the text is entered as 803* or if the activity code is 19493, but the text is entered as "attended 19493".  Note, only the provided numerical code should be listed in the text message.  Do not include other words, symbols, etc. when texting the code.


Mobile Application <TOP>

Use the mobile application to claim credits, complete evaluations, access presentation slides, view credit transcripts and more!

Download the free CloudCME® mobile app from the App store (Apple devices) or Google Play (Android devices).  The organization code is beaumont.   Login with the same email address and password used for the online CME portal.  If you have never logged into the Beaumont CME portal at, you must first set up your login and password online before you can log into the mobile application.


View Credits / Transcript Report <TOP>

To view your CME credit report/transcript, you must first login (click ‘Sign In’ under the Beaumont logo.  After successfully logging in, click the yellow ‘My CME’ button located to the right and then click ‘Transcript’.  Transcripts can be downloaded or emailed using the buttons that appear above the transcript report.

  • Report Date Range: by default, the start date for the transcript report is 1/1/2010.  To change the date range for the report, click in the date box and type in the new date and then click on the preferred date in the open calendar box to set the date.  The screen will refresh and reflect the selected date range.
  • Legacy Oakwood and Botsford Providers: CME credits that were received from the legacy Oakwood or Botsford hospitals prior to January 1, 2016 are maintained by the legacy hospitals.  Legacy Oakwood providers, please contact Marianne Soroka-Martin and legacy Botsford providers, please contact Esther Gargalino for assistance with CME credits earned prior to January 1, 2016.
  • Missing Credits: if you feel your CME transcript is incomplete or missing credits, please click here or call 248-551-0200.  Please be sure to check your transcript regularly to ensure your credits are properly recorded.  If you are claiming credits using the online-based process, credits are added on a monthly basis.  If you are claiming credits using the text-based process, credits are instantly added if the text was sent successfully.
  • Certificates: certificates for courses are available for approximately 6 weeks following the course date.  Once logged into the CME Portal, click ‘Evaluations & Certificates’ in the ‘My CME’ section to view, print, or email a certificate.  Credit will continue to be documented on the Transcript after the certificate becomes unavailable.

CME Courses (special events, conferences) <TOP>

  • Click ‘Live Conferences’ to view all available upcoming courses
  • Click on the image or details button for a specific courses to view more information, including objectives, registration, and agenda when available.
  • To ‘Register’: courses open for online registration will display a Register button within the course details page.  After clicking the register button, you will be prompted to sign-in (if not previously signed in) to complete the online registration and payment process.  For assistance with registration, please call 248-551-0200 or click here.


Regularly Scheduled Meetings Information (Grand Rounds, Case Conferences, Tumor Boards, etc.) <TOP>

  • Click ‘CME Calendar’ to view available upcoming regularly scheduled meetings such as grand rounds, case conferences, tumor boards, journal clubs.  Please note, some meetings are restricted to specific groups and are not visible on the calendar.  Regularly scheduled meetings are restricted to Beaumont employees and affiliates unless otherwise noted.
  • Search’ – to easily locate a specific meeting, use the ‘Search Current Month’ box.  Type in a portion of the meeting name or hosting hospital (i.e., Royal Oak, GP, Dearborn, etc.).
  • Next Month – to view upcoming meetings for a different month, use the month buttons (next to the ‘Search Current Month’ box) to move to a different month.


Faculty Forms <TOP>

If you are a faculty member (speaker, planning committee member, panelist, moderator, author, etc.) assigned to a CME-certified meeting, the ‘Faculty’ button will appear to the right next to the ‘My CME’ button after you sign in to the portal.  The ‘Faculty’ button contains important documents that you must complete in order to be involved with the CME activity, including, but not limited to conflict of interest disclosure, speaker information form, etc.

To complete an assigned form, click on ‘Faculty’ and then click on the assigned form.  Update the information as needed and click ‘Submit’ once complete.

A red box next to the form indicates that the form/task is incomplete.  A green check mark indicates the form/task has been completed



If you need additional assistance with the CME Portal, please contact us at:


Phone: 248-551-0200